Helping Your Vehicle Age Gracefully

27 12 2012

Dale BertramI’m reading daily about the age of cars and light trucks being driven. They say the fastest growing age group are vehicles 12 years and up and they predict this will be the case at least through 2017. Modern technology is so much better than in years gone by and that plays a big factor. A car’s body can keep on looking great as long as you keep it washed and waxed. (I may be showing my age here but I can still remember that as soon as your car was paid off, it was a rust bucket and fit for nothing but the scrap heap.) We can help you keep “under the hood” mechanically sound if you get your vehicle maintained regularly and of course rotating your tires helps them age gracefully too!

A car is much like a human in some ways…as we age we may need a prescription or two in order to maintain our health and to ensure we keep getting those prescriptions the doctor makes us come in for regular checkups that include some blood work to make sure nothing has changed. Those of us in the automotive business want to look at your vehicle quarterly or at least three times a year to make sure nothing has changed that needs our immediate attention. If all is good we will need to just change or top off fluids (making sure we use the correct fluids for your vehicle’s needs) and test the battery, charging and cooling system and other mechanical parts and rotate the tires.

As a car ages at some point it will need a part replaced now and then in order to keep it healthy such as the muffler, belts and hoses and tires. The good news is that if you treat your car well, it will treat you good back! We are here to help you every mile of the way! Together, we can make sure it ages with grace!

Being a person who loves cars, I personally think it is exciting when cars keep going a long time. Car enthusiasts everywhere are joining clubs and proudly showing the picture of their vehicles when they reach 100,000 miles, 200,000 miles, 300,000 miles and more! If you have a vehicle that has reached these milestones, be proud! Through proper care and maintenance, you have succeeded in the art of aging gracefully! Well done!





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