Happy Holidays To All!

13 12 2012

The hour is early but at home I can’t stay,
My shopping list is long and I must be on my way
Even though very crowded to the malls I must go
Because it is that time of year when gifts I must bestow!

The light on the horizon is just starting to shine,
That means the hour is late and I am running behind!
I down my hot coffee in one single gulp, how delicious,
Even though the burn on my tongue is quite vicious!

I dash out of the house in terrible hurry!
I open the car door and slide in with a scurry!
I turn the key and to my great big surprise!
Nothing happens; no sound from my car does arise!

Oh no! It can’t be! My car it won’t start!
Putting off service wasn’t smart!
I knew it needed service!
I’m now late for shopping and getting nervous!

I know it will do me no good to worry,
My, but I’m in such an awful hurry!
I’ve spent 10 minutes just pacing the floor!
Car troubles…aren’t they an absolute bore?

I know what to do, I know who to call!
My car repair specialists will get me to the mall!
I give them a call and wait for them to arrive.
They are on the way; I’m so relieved I sigh!

Fairway Auto Repair is here!
With them I never have to fear!
They promised to give my car a tow!
And shuttle me to the store where I must go!

They always treat my car just right,
And the staff I tell you is truly a delight!
As they shuttle me to the mall door,
My troubles alas, are truly no more!

I shop and I shop, my day has been grand,
I’ve got full shopping bags in each hand!
My credit card is smoking so it is time to stop!
I better call the shuttle to get me to the repair shop!

The driver transports me as quick as a wink!
I pay my bill, get my keys and I’m back home in a blink!
Fairway Auto Repair I’ll recommend to all,
Because they restored my holiday spirit and got me to the mall!

I’m worn to a frazzle and must look a real fright!
I say keep your car serviced to start each day off right!
Now I’m pulling the blinds and turning off the light,
Happy holidays to all and to all a good night!

Dale Bertram





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