I’ll Have A Blue Holiday Without You!

6 12 2012

Dale Bertram

I’ll be so blue, dear car, thinking about you,
I’ll be so sad just being without you!
Decorations of red, I won’t be able to see,
Because my car is not able to transport me!

Missing out on all the holiday fun, I tell you, is appalling
I’ll wish Fairway Auto Repair, I had been calling,
My cars not doing all right, on this holiday so bright,
Why didn’t I call Dale and get my car fixed right?

I could be out enjoying holiday sights and having fun
But I’m sitting home wondering why my car won’t run.
Learn a lesson from me to keep your life stress free,
Keep your car serviced and do it regularly!

From now on, dear car, I’ll be thinking about you,
I promise never to have to do without you!
Fairway Auto Repair I’ll take you to see,
So you are always and forever able to transport me!

I’m having a blue holiday without you,
I’m so blue just thinking about you,
Decorations of red, I’m not able to see,
All because I didn’t service you, dear car, regularly!

I’m so blue, blue, blue without you…

Fairway Auto Repair




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