An Ounce Of Prevention

29 11 2012

These past few years have been all about economizing.  Being frugal is in-style now as well as being a necessity. Everywhere you look (online, magazines, TV) you hear advice on ways to stretch a dollar.  I felt I needed to add my two cents worth as well.

One of the best ways to save money is preventive car maintenance.  The old adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is never truer than when it comes to taking care of your car!  Keeping current with oil changes and tire rotations and making sure your belts and hoses are in good shape and all the fluids are clean saves a lot of money and breakdowns!

“Keep up with routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tune-ups to avoid big, expensive repairs down the road. Every dollar you cut back on now will cost you an average of $8 down the line.” estimates Pat Goss who hosts MotorWeek TV and radio shows.

Students from Grand Canyon University are always welcomed at Fairway Auto Repair.  If you are from out of town or state you don’t need to worry.  We can make sure your vehicle is in great shape to get you back home for the upcoming holidays! Give us a call for your vehicle’s ounce of prevention! We’re here to help and if you need us to talk with your parents by telephone or email them, we will gladly do that too.

I have a young driver in my family as well so I can certainly understand that parents of college students want them to be as safe as possible.  I promise all my customers that your car will be treated as if it was one of our very own.

If you have a vehicle under warranty, we can take care of it too! You can bring your car to Fairway Auto Repair and receive the same quality services and attention to detail that you would expect at a dealership…in fact more!  You may feel your warranty would be voided but that is not the case.

Many consumers don’t realize that it is actually a law (Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) that an independent repair shop can service your car and you will not be jeopardizing your warranty in any way.  Just like you have to do with the dealership, you need to keep records of services and have them done as recommended in your owner’s manual.

Most independent shop owners, like myself, can provide you with the same excellent service you would receive at a dealership.  Independents, like the dealerships, also have:

  • ASE certified technicians
  • Quality parts and service
  • State-of-the-art tools and equipment
  • Dedication to customer service
  • On-going training to keep current with the latest vehicle innovations

According to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association, vehicle repairs cost an average of 34% more at a new car dealership than at independent repair shops. If you have never tried an independent shop, I invite you to try us.  Fairway Auto Repair is conveniently located near you.  We’ve got you covered!







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