Top 12 Car Problems

15 11 2012

Four out of five cars on our nation’s highways are in need of maintenance service. Here are the top 12 neglected items:

1) Worn brake parts
2) Dilapidated wiper blades
3) Burned out light bulbs
4) Clogged filters
5) Worn spark plugs
6) Corroded battery cables
7) Glazed belts and brittle hoses
8) Deteriorated cooling system
9) Leaking shock absorbers
10) Damaged CV joint boots
11) Leaking exhaust system
12) Worn tires

Top 5 Benefits of Routine Maintenance

1) Cut Repair Costs – Discovering a worn component before it creates a major problem can save you lots of money! When a checkup indicates future need for replacement of a part, you can plan ahead and budget accordingly.
2) Safety – A poorly maintained vehicle can drive you into a serious accident.
3) Better Performance – Better performance results in better fuel economy, better handling, a vehicle less likely to stall, fail or otherwise leave you stranded, and a more comfortable ride.
4) Environmentally Responsible – A well-maintained car is kind to our environment as it doesn’t spew out pollutants into our air.
5) Value – A well maintained vehicle is worth two to three times more when you sell or trade it in than a neglected vehicle.

Many think that the vehicle we drive is an extension of our personality. If that is true, what is your vehicle saying about you? If your vehicle needs a maintenance makeover…call us today.







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