Looking For A Repair Shop You Can Trust?

8 11 2012

Consumer Reports just came out with their latest, Annual Auto Survey, on car repairs.  Consumers who were not completely satisfied with their repairs gave these reasons!

  • 38% – Price of repair was too high
  • 28% – Did not fix the problem properly
  • 21% – Took longer than expected to complete the work
  • 18% – Had to bring the car back because the repair did not hold up
  • 11% – Price was more than originally estimated

When it came to price, dealerships got the biggest complaints at 42% while independents came in at 32%.  The problem of the vehicle not being fixed properly was equal for dealerships and independents.  Over all, consumers take their vehicles to independents instead of dealerships as has been the case for several years now.

When consumers decide to take their business to another shop it is because of the following:

  • 50% – Vehicle wasn’t fixed properly
  • 34% – Price too high
  • 23% – Repair didn’t hold up
  • 19% – Treated poorly by staff
  • 19% – Repair took longer than expected
  • 19% – Price was higher than originally estimated

Where did they have their negative experiences?

  • 1/2 at a dealership
  • 1/3 at an independent
  • 1/5 at franchised chains

What did Consumer Reports recommend to consumers? Explain to your car care provider your vehicle’s symptoms in detail; do not come in to the shop with a self-diagnosis you got from an Internet search; go on a test drive with the technician, get an estimate before work is performed, ask to see old parts, document the repair(s) and if you have to keep coming back for the same problem you may be covered under the Lemon Law statute. The final recommendation is this; if you have found a shop that does the job right the first time at a fair price, hang on to them. 

I am confident that you will find Fairway Auto Repair a shop that you want to hang on to.  Don’t take my word for it!  Read our reviews!  We are family owned and go out of our way to treat our customers extra special…and their cars too!  We have customers that have been depending on us for years…and some from Grand Canyon University that are just beginning to know us.  Give us a try at Fairway Auto Repair and we promise you an exceptional experience.

Happy Motoring!







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