Don’t Let This Be You!

11 10 2012

It is estimated that 600 deaths a year are a result of bad tires.  Remember, they don’t last forever.  Most tires don’t make it to the 50,000 mile mark. Bald may be beautiful but it isn’t beautiful on your tires!  They need good tread so you have traction and you can stop without sliding. They need to be properly inflated.  Check the number listed on the inside of your car door (not the tire) for the proper inflation for your make and model of vehicle. Have your tires rotated every 5,000 – 6,000 miles.

Proper inflation is also of high importance for the health of your car’s tires. This is a service that should be performed each time you get your car serviced or quarterly.  Many things effect tire pressure, including temperature fluctuations and this puts an unnecessary pressure on your tires which wear them out!  Not only does improper inflation cost you in fuel efficiency, it can lead to tire puncture and poor car handling if left unchecked for a long period of time.

Q: What causes tires to wear out?
A: Tires wear unevenly even when they are properly aligned. Irregularities in the road and of the car can lessen tread and tire life.

Q:  How can one increase their tires’ life?
A:  By having your tires rotated and balanced regularly you can increase a tire’s life expectancy by nearly 50%.

Q:  Why do cars need an alignment?
A:  Even if your tires’ tread looks normal, rough roads and repeated encounters with curbs will make your vehicle’s tires suffer.  Having your car put on an alignment rack once a year will keep the tires healthy.  Incorrect alignment makes tires follow their own paths and causes scrubbing action against the road surface.  In addition to excessive wear, this friction causes the steering wheel to fight the driver, requiring additional efforts to keep the vehicle on the road.  A wheel alignment service should include a careful examination of steering and suspension components.  Even the best equipment and technicians cannot align a vehicle with worn or damaged parts.

Q:  What is the big deal about proper inflation of tires?
A:  Under-inflated tires cause your tires to wear along the sides, while over-inflated tires cause your tires to wear down the middle of the tread.  Radial tires always look a little soft, but don’t be fooled and assume inflation is correct.  Buy a tire gauge and use it monthly to keep your tires properly inflated.  It saves your tires and saves on fuel too!

Q:  What is the best thing one can do for their tires?
A:  Take your vehicle to a service repair facility quarterly to make sure you are driving on the safest and most comfortable tires possible.  You and your passengers depend on them.

Happy Motoring!







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