E15 Study Fuels The Flame Of Debate!

9 08 2012

The research report was released May 16.  Coordinating Research Council (CRC) was the non-profit organization that ran the research on behalf of the American Petroleum Institute and some automobile manufacturers.  The test was conducted over a two year period and used 28 engines that represented a variety of light duty vehicles from the years 2001 through 2009.  They reported that the test showed using E15 caused damage to valves and valve seals that could lead to loss of engine power, engine damage, decreased fuel efficiency and increase in vehicle emissions.

The DOE (Department of Energy) said they tested 86 vehicles compared to only 28 tested by CRC.  The DOE used more “normal” driving equaling 120,000 miles each whereas CRC did their best to actually cause stress to the drivetrain for 100,000 miles per vehicle.

  • Response from Bob Dinneen, CEO of Renewable Fuels Association says, “By funding research using questionable testing protocols and illegal fuels, the results of this study are meaningless and only service to muddy the waters and shun the overwhelming desire of 75 percent of Americans for greater choice at the pump.”
  • The American Coalition for Ethanol’s senior VP says, “The real problem here is that people may read about the project and think that it actually had some connection to the real world.  How Big Oil can trot out this small, slanted, flawed study as something we should take seriously, while calling the EPA’s two and half years of E15 testing a ‘rush to judgment’ is beyond me. All this latest hit piece proves is that ethanol’s opponents are becoming more desperate to keep ethanol – which could help consumers save more at the pump – completely out of the marketplace.”
  • Growth Energy’s CEO, Tom Buis says, “E15 has already been used extensively in NASCAR vehicles under extreme engine conditions with no problems. The resistance from petroleum groups to accept ethanol also threatens the opportunity for consumers to have more choice in the fuels market.  While the large oil companies continue to espouse their support of a free market, they have put roadblocks up at every opportunity to prevent the free choice they claim to champion so dearly.”
  • Congress members Leonard Boswell, Bruce Braley, Steve King, Tom Latham and Dave Loebsack wrote a letter to CRC stating that the study “does little to address our nation’s need for clean renewable fuel that lowers the price at the pump and creates jobs here at home.”

Automotive advocacy groups see things differently!

  • Mitch Bainwol, CEO of Auto Alliance says, “Clearly many vehicles on the road today are at risk of harm from E15.  The unknowns concern us greatly, since only a fraction of vehicles have been tested to determine their tolerance to E15.”
  • Mike Stanton, CEO of Global Automakers says, “Our goal is to ensure that new alternative fuels are not placed into retail until it has been proven they are safe.”
  • Automotive groups estimate damage from using E15 in non-Flex Fuel vehicles could cost $4,000.

This is the latest and greatest information on E15.  I’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available!

Happy Motoring!







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