Do Consumers Really Want To Save Money On Fuel?

19 07 2012

Do consumers really want to save money on fuel?  Really?  Then they need to stop speeding!  Yes…you read that correctly.  They need to stop speeding.  Not a day goes by that our nation’s highways and byways are filled with vehicles going at least five miles or more above the posted speed limit sign.

According the Department of Energy, one can assume that for every five miles per hour one drives over 55 you pay an additional $0.26 per gallon of gas. Considering many of our posted speed limit signs are 65 or 70 you have to wonder…what is up with that?

Then there are those aggressive drivers…you know…the ones who peel out of the parking lot at their place of employment, weave in and out of traffic and brake rapidly to narrowly miss hitting the unfortunate car in front of them…then floor it again as soon as they can.  They drive this way day in and day out.  I can only assume they need anger management classes or at least learn how to relieve their stress in a more responsible fashion.  They hurt their gasoline mileage by as much as 33% on the highway and 5% around town.

There are also those who hop out of their car for a quick stop at the convenience store…and they leave their vehicle idling away.  I can only assume they want to keep the air conditioning running in hot weather and the heater running in cold weather.  This practice also wastes more fuel than turning the car off and then restarting it when you return to the vehicle.

From observing these driving habits I can only assume that;

  1. Consumers are completely unaware that this style of driving wastes fuel therefore costing them more at the pump.
  2. They just like to complain about the high cost of fuel but don’t want to change their driving habits.
  3. They like paying higher prices for fuel.

Whatever the reason, the next time you hear someone moan about the high cost of fuel, you might mention speeding, aggressive driving and idling wastes fuel, hurts our environment and isn’t safe.  Will it help?  Who knows but it won’t hurt to try.

Happy Motoring!







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