Don’t Try This At Home!

12 07 2012

Dale BertramWith the downturn in the economy many consumers are trying to take on major home and auto repairs themselves hoping to save money.  Putting some paint on the walls at home and changing the oil (as long as you dispose of the used oil properly) or wiper blades on your car might be doable for most but major repairs usually are best left to the professionals.

Yesterday I was reading a trade magazine and an automotive tech was sharing a story of how he had a simple CD player repair to do (it wouldn’t eject CD’s).  He fixed that problem but then noticed that the air conditioning blower was no longer working!  Since he had to remove the A/C head in order to fix the CD player he had one of those AH OH moments!  After much testing and trial and error he finally found the problem, fixed it and no harm done!  Remember…this is a professional!  He had the best equipment, the education and still something unexpected happened.  He was able to repair the problem he had inadvertently created but the average consumer would have had a difficult time figuring out the problem and the additional expense to fix it!  When a repair shop makes an error, we just have to make it right and eat our mistakes!

I’ve been in business for a long time and I’ve seen the results of “do it yourselfers” first hand.  Many have had their vehicles towed in here after spending countless hours trying to repair their vehicle.  Several dollars later they realize their “code reader” wasn’t able to do a complete diagnosis and one part replacement lead to several parts replaced and still the vehicle wasn’t running right.

These are the attempted repair jobs that we see towed in the most often:

  • Timing Belt Replacement
  • Transmission Maintenance or Repair
  • Overheating
  • Drivability and Error Codes
  • Suspension Repairs

Not only have these attempted at home repairs cost the amateur mechanic time and money, some have even been hurt physically. They show us their burns, cuts and smashed fingers.

If you must try these repairs at home at least do lots of research first.  Watch online videos and proceed with caution.  If that doesn’t work out…give us a call.  We understand.

Happy Motoring!






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