Smoking Is Bad For Your Car’s Health – Part 2

5 07 2012

Dale BertramIf your vehicle has a smoking problem it needs to be looked at right away by your automotive service and repair professional!  Not only is your car trying to tell you something is wrong, others sharing the road with you will find a smoking car offensive.

Last week we covered white steam and white smoke. Here is a list of what black and blue smoke coming from your car indicates:

Black Smoke – This usually means your car is running rich telling us excess fuel is in your vehicle’s system.  It could be problems with the sensors, fuel pressure regulators, injectors and/or fuel pump. We always check the fuel system when this happens.  Sometimes this is a simple fix such as changing a clogged air filter as your engine is gasping for air.

Blue Smoke – More than likely oil has gotten into your exhaust system.  This requires a check of the vehicle’s seals, gaskets and o-rings and of course a complete oil change. The hoped for option is that it is the spark plug o-rings and we need to replace the seals.  We would also do a compression test to make sure the valve seals or piston rings are not corrupted. If the blue smoke only occurs when you start your engine it is most likely bad valve seals.

If your vehicle is “burning oil” it is tempting to simply keep adding oil when it gets low.  This is certainly cheaper than replacing an engine but it isn’t fixing the problem.  If you think your vehicle is burning oil get it checked out sooner rather than later because it can lead to more serious, expensive problems later.

Prevention – To keep your vehicle running its best it is always good to get it serviced regularly.  The older a vehicle gets the more attention it will need and putting off preventive service can lead to a very expensive repair.  Work with your automotive service/repair facility.  They can help you decide what is best for your vehicle based on its age, make and model.

Prevention is always better than the cure!

Happy Motoring!






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