Extensive Computer Skills Necessary

17 05 2012

Dale BertramWith a scanned image of your license plate  I can, through a third party company, notify you via text or voice mail that your vehicle is due for service.  It also works if your vehicle has a recall notice.

Dealers and lenders have been looking for a way to make sure they get their payments on time.  They have found it using GPS and Starter-Interrupt Devices.  As we know already, GPS allows a vehicle to be found anytime, anywhere. If you forgot to make your last car payment, with a little help from a starter-interrupt device your vehicle can literally be shut down until payment is made.  Once you have made the payment, you will be given a new start code.

Toyota is working on a technology that lets your car access your mood so if you are driving distracted or angry the car will give you safety reminders.  How does it do this?  By registering your facial emotions based on 238 points on the driver’s face.  They claim wearing sunglasses or having a beard won’t prevent the technology from determining your mood.

Google is already demonstrating a self-driving car in our state, and Nevada is issuing rules regarding self-driving vehicles! I guess when this becomes common place we won’t have to worry about drivers being distracted and our lawmakers can take on a different set of problems.

At this time our automotive technicians have to have excellent computer skills in order to diagnose vehicle problems and then to repair them.  As the technology in cars changes our technicians have to stay current so they never complete their education…it is ongoing!

Thankfully we are able to keep up with it all.  Today’s technicians have to be even more high tech than today’s vehicles and those that are coming to us in the near future.  We are ready.  You can count on us!

Happy Motoring!






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