This Economy Is Hard On Our Cars!

12 04 2012

Dale BertramI was just reading the latest statistics from The Car Care Council, a non-profit organization that makes consumers aware of vehicle safety (Be Car Care Aware).  Their latest findings show that 84% of vehicles on our nation’s highways need service or parts.  WOW!!

I was anxious to see what comprised that 84%.  Interestingly enough the parts needed are relatively inexpensive (brakes, air conditioning service, filters, battery) compared to an all out breakdown type repair (towed in, blown radiator, bad fuel pump, no start) which is where these cars are headed.

I completely understand that times are tough but at the same time I am deeply concerned about the safety of those driving these cars.  I am also concerned about their passengers and those they share the road with.

Here were the findings:

  • On one out of ten vehicles the check engine light was illuminated.
  • 19% of vehicles needed a new air filter.
  • 20% of vehicles had at least one belt that needed to be replaced.
  • 15% of vehicles had at least one hose that needed to be replaced.
  • 17% of vehicles had battery cables, clamps and terminals in need of maintenance.
  • 10% of vehicles had batteries that were not properly mounted.
  • 28% of vehicles had low or dirty motor oil.
  • 24% of vehicles had low, leaky or dirty coolant.
  • 23% of vehicles had inadequate washer fluid levels.
  • 18% of vehicles had low or dirty power steering, transmission or brake fluid.
  • 14% of vehicles needed front windshield wiper blades replaced.
  • 3% of vehicles needed rear wiper blades replaced.
  • 16% of vehicles needed lights replaced including headlights, brake lights and license place lights.
  • 8% of vehicles had improperly inflated tires.
  • 11% of vehicles needed tires replaced.

If it has been awhile since you had your vehicle serviced, call your car care provider today.  It will also save you money on fuel and that means a lot these days!

Visit our website for more information.

Happy Motoring,






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