Can You Imagine?

16 02 2012

Dale BertramYou are driving down the road and your child in the back seat is happily engaged interacting with a digital window. WOO (Windows of Opportunity) could certainly help keep them entertained and educated on any trip, short or long.  This is an idea in the making. The Apps that have already been developed are Otto, an animation that teaches children about what they see outside their car window; Foofu lets children draw on the windows; Spindow connects a child with other children around the world in real time and Pond that lets them share music and messages with others in different vehicles.  At this time GM hasn’t released this nor have they committed to a production timeline. I’m thinking this might be the solution to “Are we there yet?”

How about a car that folds up to park?  This electric two-seater called Hiriko is 100” long and folds up so that three of these can fit in one parking space.  To get out of the car you simply roll up the retractable windshield and step out.  It isn’t built for speed but for city driving and gets 75 miles per charge. Spainplans to lease the vehicles through a car sharing system and it can also be purchased for about $16,350.  I’m thinking we’ll keep more paradise if we don’t have to tear it down to put up another parking lot!

Would you feel more secure if you had car tires that never lost air and never went flat or blew out?  Two Japanese tire makers, Bridgestone andYokohamaare working on it!  Their goal is to “create a viable, more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional tires.”  The tires can be retreaded.  They are working out some issues such as durability, hot and cold temperature extremes, handling and control at higher speeds.  Another plan is to have perforated tread to allow water to evacuate to reduce or eliminate hydroplaning. No date has been set for product launch.  I’m thinking…do they need to be rotated?

For a vehicle enthusiast like me this is all exciting information.  We’ll be prepared to service these future cars!  That is why when you are in this business…the training never stops!

Happy Motoring,






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