2012 Is The Year For Automotive Innovation!

19 01 2012

Dale BertramIf you are in the market for a new car you may be in for a few surprises!  The manufacturers have been very busy adding some exciting new features and most of them will be available this year!

Safety and fuel efficiency were the driving forces behind the innovations as we get ever closer to the “space age” ideas we dreamed about as children.

Here are a few items you can expect this year!

Additional Voice Recognition with a little help from our smartphones will be available.  This will be used for navigation as well as helping you tap into your special songs, music and catch up on the local and world news.  These hands-free systems have enabled car manufacturers to make our phones a part of our daily drive.

Small but mighty engines give us more power and fuel efficiency.  These vehicles do much more than the old V-8s and still get 32 miles per gallon!  Big performance packaged in a small engine.

Infotainment made easy is the promise we are given.  The less than stellar performance hasn’t deterred the manufacturers from moving forward and improving voice-recognition infotainment in our vehicles despite critics that say just stick to the dial method. We hope they are successful!

10 Airbags will be the new norm in 2012.  Look for knee airbags in the front seats, thorax airbags in the front and back seats, inflatable shoulder belts and center bags so the driver doesn’t bang heads with the passenger and there is also the possibility of back-seat airbag to protect those passengers from hitting their heads on the back of the front seats upon impact.

Auto Stop will shut off your engine when you come to a stop at lights and stop signs or when sitting in traffic.  It is supposed to restart when you are ready to go!  Let’s hope so.

Picture this in your future!  Your car’s console screen looking like something from a space ship with apps galore!  Ford will be showcasing 10 at its International Consumer Electronics Show and Mercedes and Kia will reveal their apps as well.  The goal is to have apps that are not distracting; to keep people connected in their cars but still keep them safe.  Expect at least 50 to 75 apps in future per vehicle!  Will it be the same across the board?  Most likely not as 18 different car manufacturers will want to have their own style and look!  Thilo Koslowski of Gartner says “The car becomes the ultimate mobile device.”

Happy Motoring!






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