Give Your Vehicle A Healthy Life

12 01 2012

Dale BertramFast Food & Fast Oil Changes
You are what you eat and so is your vehicle!  Life today is fast-paced so we want everything done quickly which is one of the reasons fast food joints do so well!  We know they don’t serve the healthiest food but it is fast and you can drive right through!  We do that to our cars today too!  Once in a while it is fine to just get an oil change but if you do that all year long, your vehicle will suffer!  Yes…just an oil change is fast but a steady diet of it is not healthy for your car!

The Healthy Pyramid
Building towards a better life requires eating properly from a variety of foods in order to get the proper nutrition for our bodies.  The food pyramid lists how many servings of various food groups we should strive to eat each day in order to be at our best!  Following a guide for your vehicle is also a must in order for it to be at its best!  Oil changes are certainly important but an oil change alone isn’t enough proper nutrition for your car.  The oil change would certainly be at the foundation of the pyramid as well as all fluids. A healthy intake of fluids is always important for your vehicle just as it is to our bodies Belts and hoses, tires and battery would be next followed by brakes.  Then on top of the pyramid would be yearly check ups for other components of your car.

The End Result
Good decisions come from experience and experiences often are learned from making poor choices!  While most of us don’t think twice about having a fast food meal once in a while, we do know that it would not be wise to eat that way at every meal.  You can get by with bringing your vehicle in for just an oil change for a little while, but eventually the neglected maintenance will catch up to you.  Remember, proper nutrition can help us enjoy long, healthy lives and preventive maintenance can do the same for your vehicle!

Your car care provider is your vehicle’s nutritionist.  Call today and get your car as healthy as it can be!

Happy Motoring,






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