Does Gas Saving Devices Really Work?

1 12 2011

Dale BertramMany gas saving devices being advertised don’t work and may actually makes things worse.

The environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tested more than 100 alleged gas-saving devices and found only a few that improved mileage and none that do so significantly.

Gas-saving devices seem to fall into several different categories. Here is a list of some of the products used: air-bleed or vapor-bleed devices, liquid injection devices, ignition devices, fuel line devices, mixture enhancers, air filter modifications, fuel and or oil additives.

The EPA evaluates or tests products to determine if using the devices will result in any measurable improvement in fuel economy. Just remember, the EPA cannot say if long term use of any product may actually harm your vehicle.

Many ads feature wonderful testimonials by satisfied customers. Please remember allot of conditions contribute to fuel mileage, such as traffic, weather conditions, how the car is maintained and of course the driving habits of the owner.

Some advertisers claim their device is approved by the Federal Government. No government agency endorsed any gas-saving product or device for cars. The seller may state that it was tested by the EPA, but that is all.

If you have already purchased a gas-saving device and are not satisfied, contact the manufacture and ask for a refund. Most companies offer a money back guarantee. Call the Better Business Bureau or local consumer group if not satisfied with the company’s response.

The best gas-saving device is a well maintained car, every car has an owner’s manual with services to be performed at certain mileages, in my opinion, spend the money on serving your car and not the fancy gadgets that most likely don’t work.

Here are three simple things that don’t cost any money and will get you better gas mileage:

–       Keep tires inflated properly.

–       Remove excess weight from car.

–       Accelerate slowly from a start and let off the gas well before that red light.

Happy Motoring!






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