Fuel Injection Cleaning (decarboning) – It Isn’t In Your Owner’s Manual

12 10 2011

Dale BertramFuel injection cleaning is a service recommended under certain circumstances.  It is true; it is not listed in your owner’s manual as a necessary routine service.  A fuel injection cleaning can be beneficial and extend the life systems of your vehicle.  The purpose of the cleaning is to remove naturally forming carbon deposits.  Here are the benefits:

  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Increases horse power
  • Ceases engine knocking

The reason it isn’t listed in your owner’s manual is because in most cases, if a car is routinely maintained as spelled out in your owner’s manual you won’t need to have this service performed on your vehicle.  What we have noticed over the last couple of years is a great many consumers are putting off regular maintenance service.  This neglect causes the build up of harmful deposits.

This service is normally recommended when a consumer complains of a “knocking” noise or sluggishness in performance or if they had a poor grade of fuel in their gas tank.

The best advice to consumers is the same as always…don’t put off routine maintenance.  If you have been neglectful and you are advised to have this service performed, be sure to get the entire fuel system cleaned including the tank.

Happy Motoring,







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