Spend A Little To Save A Lot

8 09 2011

Dale BertramI read everyday about consumers delaying automotive maintenance to save money.  They are putting off simple services such as an oil change.

I know some have lost their jobs, others have taken pay cuts and many are just being cautious with their money.  Here is some information that I hope you will take to heart because truly, it will save you money.

An oil change is a pretty inexpensive service.  You can shop around and find just an oil change for around $30 (note, make sure you have the correct oil installed. Most newer cars have a synthetic type oil at $50-$85.00).  Put off an oil change for too long and you can find yourself needing an engine which can cost $5,000 plus.

A transmission service costs around $120-$180 (again, most newer cars take a synthetic type oil at a higher cost).  A transmission repair can cost $2,000 – $4,000.

Keeping your car’s tires rotated and properly inflated usually comes free with an oil change and if not, you can surely get this service for around $30.  New tires can cost $300 on the low side to over $1,000 depending on the type of tires you need.

Keeping fluid levels at the proper level is vitally important for your vehicle.  Your car is just like us…hydration is important to keep all the parts working and moving. If your car runs low on anti-freeze you risk overheating.  Anti-freeze is cheap. Repairing the damage to a car that has overheated is very expensive.  Keeping brake fluid at the proper level not only keeps your brakes healthy at a low price, it also keeps you and those sharing the road with you safe!

Some of you may feel that when you take your car in for just an oil change you are going to be given a long list of needed services and or repairs.  Ask your car care provider which items need to be taken care of in order of importance.  Most are glad to work with you this way so you can get one or two items taken care of now, and spread the rest out for a couple of months or so.  Their number one obligation is to keep your car roadworthy and as reliable as possible.  All of us in this business take that responsibility very seriously.

Happy Motoring,






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