The Price Of Neglect Is High

10 08 2011

Dale BertramI just read today that the results of an AAA survey revealed that one in four American drivers are unable to pay for a car repair of $2,000 and one in eight are unable to pay for a car repair of $1,000.  Despite that, due to the economy 25% admit that they have neglected repairs and maintenance on their vehicles.

If you put off a small maintenance item such as an oil change for too long you risk ruining your engine.  Engine replacement is a major and costly car repair.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Take care of the little things!  When it comes to your vehicle it really helps if you major on the minors instead of having minor maintenance neglect turn into major costly repair!

Here are a few items that should be routinely checked for safety, dependability and savings:

  • Fluids – just like you, your car must have fluids to be healthy
  • Filters – clogged filters keep your car from breathing properly
  • Battery & Charging System – keeps your car ready to go when you are
  • Belts and Hoses – One snap or break and you are stranded
  • Lights – So you can see and be seen
  • Wipers – Again…so you can see and be seen
  • Tires – Proper inflation and tread keep your car rolling along
  • Suspension – Steers your car going in the right direction
  • Brakes – Stopping when you need and want to is a very good thing
  • Exhaust System – Keeps your car pleasant and safe for you and others to be around

Save yourself some money!  Call you car care provider today!

Happy Motoring,






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