Cars For Your Health

3 08 2011

Dale BertramThey always said that the Baby Boomer Generation was not going to let aging slow them down.  I guess they meant it because I just got finished reading an article about what we can expect from our vehicles in the near future.  The changes are happening because by 2030 one-fifth of the population will be over 65.  This is unprecedented!  Here is what you can expect your future vehicle to do for you:

  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Get your blood circulating so you don’t stiffen on long drives
  • Your car seats will help you easily get in and out
  • Stress levels will be monitored
  • Capless fuel tank (in case you have arthritis)
  • Large, bold fonts in case your vision isn’t what it used to be
  • Monitoring of blood sugar levels
  • Wellness apps
  • Monitors pollen and other allergy inducing problems so your car can control the air quality level inside the passenger compartment
  • You can receive calls and talk to others through speakers
  • You can tell you car what song you want to hear
  • Your car will help you find restaurants and give you menu options
  • Your car will find the best fuel prices
  • Your car can check your stocks
  • Your car will talk to other cars to avoid traffic jams and accidents
  • Should a crash occur other cars close by will send an alarm message to get help and to alert other vehicles that they should re-route.
  • Your car can chauffeur you while you relax

This article also says that 80 may be the new 40!  It all sounds good.  Vehicles change quickly and that is why your car care provider is constantly taking training classes.  We have to just to keep up! 

Happy Motoring,






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