Don’t Risk A Blowout

27 07 2011

Dale BertramI remember as a kid going to the beach in the heat of summer.  The minute my bare feet hit the sand they felt like they were on fire.  Ouch! You quickly learned to keep flip flops or sandals on until you could walk on wet sand.

Now…imagine your vehicle’s tires.  Pavement can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees when it is in the 80’s and up to 90 degrees outside.  It happens!  Your tires get hot too, just like your feet would if you were walking around barefoot.  Now imagine if you had tires with very little tread on them.  Elderly tires on hot pavement equal a recipe for a blowout!  600 deaths a year are a result of bad tires.  Here are the ways to keep your tires healthy:

  1. Remember, they don’t last forever.  Most tires don’t make it to the 50,000 mile mark.
  2. Bald may be beautiful but it isn’t beautiful on your tires!  They need good tread so you have traction and you can stop without sliding.
  3. They need to be properly inflated.  Check the number listed on the inside of your car door (not the tire).
  4. Have your tires rotated every 5,000 – 6,000 miles.

Taking care of your vehicle’s tires will give them a longer life, you a better ride, save fuel and keep you and those who share the road with you, safer!  Call your car care provider today and save your vehicle’s tires.  It will save you money too!

Happy Motoring,






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