Slow Start On A Hot Summer Day

21 07 2011

Dale BertramSometimes in the heat of summer you may notice your car doesn’t start like it should.  It may not turn over properly the first time you try, and then do okay the second.  This is annoying and sometimes difficult to pinpoint the problem.

One of the first things I check is the battery terminals.  Corrosion on battery terminals is not unusual and it does cause big problems that are easy to fix.  The corrosion leaves a white, ashy deposit on one or both posts. 

Sulfuric acid is used in batteries and this produces hydrogen gas, which is the primary factor that causes corrosion that naturally occurs on your battery cables. When your vehicle and battery are operating, tiny amounts of gas are released from the vent cap. Upon release the fumes combine with heat, dirt and humidity in the air, along with other active agents under the hood of your vehicle such as grease, oil and coolant, to form corrosion on your battery cables and terminals.

This crusty-type deposit makes it hard for your car to make a strong connection with the battery and therefore more difficult for it to start. 

There are many items on the market available to remove the corrosive buildup and it is a quick, inexpensive fix.  To keep your battery strong call your car care provider today so your battery can keep charging.  Your car should be able to start right up the first time and every time.

Happy Motoring!






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