Run Flat Tires

23 06 2011

Dale BertramTechnology keeps right on advancing and sometimes it can be a bit bewildering.  I am asked all the time about the necessity for run flat tires.  Here are the pros and cons.


  • They keep on rolling for about 50 – 200 miles at highway speeds so you can usually get to your destination or at least a safe place
  • You don’t have to stop by a dangerous highway to change a flat
  • You don’t have to wait for roadside assistance
  • You don’t have to carry a spare tire


  • Much more costly than regular tires
  • Non-repairable
  • Stiff ride

The higher cost is due to the fact that these tires are built to hold the entire weight of your vehicle.  They have a very strong sidewall.  The additional engineering, special manufacturing and extra materials involved keep the price higher.  These tires contain an extra lining inside the tire that self-seals should the tire become punctured. 

Some argue that not having a spare tire is greener because it lightens the load the vehicle is carrying.  Others say since the tires themselves are self supporting and weigh more that negates the benefit.

Like most new technology the price will eventually come down and the quality improve as these tires gain in popularity.  The safety benefit is a very attractive feature. 

If you aren’t sure what is best for your vehicle, always consult your car care provider. 

Happy Motoring,




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