Golden Elixir

27 04 2011

Dale BertramMany consumers are surprised to find out that when we pour a fresh container of oil into their vehicle it is golden in color and doesn’t have much of a fragrance.  Most think of oil as being black.  The truth is, although it didn’t start out that way, by the time we change the oil it is black or pretty close to it.  It usually doesn’t smell so good after the color change either.  This just tells us the oil has served its purpose.  It has been busy ridding your car’s engine of contaminants such as small particles of dirt or metal pieces that have been inside your vehicle’s system.  The oil carries these impurities to the oil filter to be captured or drained from the engine.

The filter does the best it can but still some particles will infiltrate critical components causing increased wear and tear of the bearings and cylinder walls.  This is why we in the automotive business always stress the importance of getting your oil changed at the recommended intervals set forth by your vehicle manufacturer as well as replacing the oil filter. 

The oil and the filter work very hard to keep your engine safe which saves you the cost of an engine replacement, gives you increased fuel economy and cuts down on emissions.  All in all, we owe a lot to this golden elixir.

Happy Motoring,

Dale Bertram




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