Drive Safe!

30 03 2011

Dale BertramSometimes it seems that road construction is never out of season!  It stays with us all year long! 

It is sometimes difficult to drive on these uneven worksites because what used to be the shoulder of the road is being used as a temporary, uneven lane.  Sometimes when driving on the shoulder that now acts as the right lane, your vehicle can seem to drop into a hole that swallows up the passenger front tire!

To say the least, driving through these construction zones is hazardous to our car’s health.  If the bumps and dips of the torn up roads don’t get your car the loose stones will.  A stone can easily fly up and hit your windshield leaving it cracked.

The rough roads can throw your vehicle out of alignment which causes uneven tire wear, pulling to one side, noise and vibration and even loss of control when steering.  For safety reasons, if your vehicle experiences these symptoms you need to have it checked out as soon as possible.

Since road construction seems destined to be a part of our lives year round we need to drive as carefully as we can in these areas, show consideration for fellow motorists as well as those working on these highway projects and look our cars over carefully to make sure they aren’t damaged by loose stones and bumps along the way!

Happy Motoring,




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