The Exhausted Exhaust System

26 01 2011

Dale BertramA car’s original exhaust system will operate for about five to seven years without going bad.  If you are a short-trip, stop-and-go driver it can fail sooner.  Usually you know you have an exhaust problem because it makes noise but sometimes, if it has a leak, you may not know it.  That is why we suggest having an automotive technician inspect your exhaust system at every oil change or once a quarter. 

Moisture will typically rust a muffler from the inside out as it combines with sulfur in the exhaust.  This forms highly corrosive acids that eat away the metal.  When a proper inspection is performed the technician will start at the engine and look it over thoroughly all the way to the tailpipe. This visual inspection reveals obvious problems such as holes in the muffler, missing or broken hangers and cracked or damaged pipes.  They also check the seams for leaks. 

Exhaust leaks can be very dangerous.  If you do hear noise from your muffler or pipes get it checked out right away.  Carbon monoxide can enter your car and can be deadly.  Escaping hot gasses can also burn spark plug wires and plug boots. 

Insist on a high-quality muffler replacement.  You will be much happier with the fit in the long run.

Happy Motoring!




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