Make Sure It Is Ready When You Need It

19 01 2011

Dale BertramPicture this scenario. You and your spouse are out for an evening several miles from home. You have enjoyed the evening and you are returning home on our wonderful freeways with narrow shoulders and no more service at gas stations.  You get off the freeway exit ramp and make a turn to go home.  Your car starts acting up and you quickly realize that you have a flat tire. 

Okay…this is a pain but since you have your vehicle serviced regularly you are not alarmed because you have placed your trust in your car care provider and are confident the spare tire is ready to go.  Imagine your dismay when you find out this is not the case!  The spare is just as flat as the tire that just blew out. 

You are annoyed but also very thankful that it happened so close to home and not on that fast and furious freeway a few miles back.  You are able to call someone to pick you up and make arrangements to have your vehicle’s tire along with the spare fixed or replaced the next day.

With today’s cars finding the spare tire and jack can be challenging at best. The auto manufactures, I think sometimes design the car around the spare tire. Most shops do not check spare tires on a regular basis because the tire is in a hidden compartment or under all the stuff you have in your trunk. Please ask your service center to make sure you’re ready for this situation before it happens to you.

Moral of the story…always make sure your spare is looked at when your vehicle is in for service.  You just never know when you may need it.

Happy Motoring!




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