Buyer Beware

15 12 2010

Dale BertramBy now most of us have had a strange telephone call telling us our “extended auto warranty” is about to expire.  If you are on a no call list at home, they may have reached you on your mobile phone. Some have been very puzzled because they knew they didn’t have an extended warranty.  Some though, assumed it was a call from their dealership, incorrectly as it turned out.

Consumer Reports states that whether a service plan is offered by a broker, car dealer, or manufacturer, they recommend skipping it. Why?  Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Cars are more reliable these days.
  • Many service plans are sold through “middle men” and when one tries to collect on a claim finding the company they need to confront is no where to be found.
  • These programs are being found to be less than scrupulous from consumer watchdogs, government agencies and customers.
  • Customers who actually bought the service have found that these companies refuse to make refunds, deny claims and have, at best, very misleading sales practices.
  • Auto-service contract fraud was the #1 complaint in 2009.

These ads promoting extended auto warranty may sound good but if they don’t deliver consumers’ have wasted their money.  Don’t become a victim. If you really want an extended warranty plan, read the fine print, do your research and don’t be pressured by a fast-talking salesperson.

Happy Motoring,




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