Don’t Lose The Power

30 06 2010

Dale BertramLike most systems with power, you don’t think about it until it is going, going, gone!  I’m talking about your vehicle’s power steering system.  Some people even think if it goes out, so what?  No big deal as you can just drive the car without it.  Yes, this can be done, but certainly not easily and not even safely.  A car tends to wander from side to side even when you are holding the steering wheel straight when the power steering is gone.  This could result in an accident.

I recommend inspecting the power steering system at each oil change. Checking the fluid level, hoses, belts, pistons, valves and seals plus the pump is all necessary to keep this system healthy. If the fluid is dirty, we flush it and replace it with clean fluid.  We also listen.  For example, if you hear a growling or whining noise when turning the steering wheel back and forth it could mean the power steering pump could be on its way to a breakdown. 

As with most components of a vehicle, prevention is best so we like to inspect this system to keep it from reaching the point of no return.  If it has been a while since you have had your car serviced, contact your car care professional and ask them to give your car an inspection.  It will keep your car healthy and save your money too!

Happy Motoring,




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