If It Ain’t Broke… Fix It!

26 05 2010

Dale BertramI know many people live by the old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  That is certainly their option.  If that is your theme song, I can think of many instances when it comes to our vehicles where that attitude is extremely expensive.  It is always less expensive to maintain a vehicle than to fix it!

One example of this is the breaking of a timing belt.  Here are two scenarios:

  • The best case scenario is you are left stranded on the side of the road (if you can get your vehicle to coast there) until you get a tow and then the timing belt gets replaced.
  • The worst case scenario is it destroyed your engine at the same time it broke!

It is best to avoid a breaking timing belt.  Changing the timing belt at regular intervals, usually every 60,000 to 90,000 miles depending on your vehicle type, saves a lot of aggravation and money…sometimes considerable money.

Most vehicles have the rubber timing belt because they are more cost effective, efficient and are quiet.  Some vehicles rely on a timing chain instead of a timing belt.

Save yourself the aggravation of a timing belt breakdown and get it replaced when your owner’s manual recommends it.  If you are not sure when that interval is, just ask us! 

Happy Motoring!




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